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FNG Intense 5 Inch Intense Pod LED Lights

FNG Intense 5 Inch Intense Pod LED Lights

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The FNG 5 is the latest 5” pod technology. We’ve packed the latest 4 12w Osram LED chips in a compact housing. The reflector comes hot off the press with a monster Hyper-Spot beam pattern that can be changed to flood or combo with easy snap-on covers. It’s all connected by a rugged weather-resistant enclosure that can be mounted practically anywhere and will withstand demanding environments.

LIGHT OUTPUT: 7,850 Lumens (Per Light)
DIMENSIONS: 4.95” x 3.6” x 4.95”
OPTICS: Hyper Spot
WATTS: 48w
CURRENT: 4.12A @12v
CONNECTION: 2 Pin Deutsch
COLOR: White
WARRANTY: Lifetime
PART NUMBER: 14301, 14308
UPC: 628242450876, 628242450883

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