About Us

By truck enthusiasts, for truck enthusiasts.

Truck buyers are a different breed. Whereas most automotive purchases boil down to personal need or status, purchasing a truck carries implied service; weekends spent helping friends move, contracting, etc. As a truck owner, you spent good money to be maximally useful and of service to others, and so it’s important to preserve and optimize that utility with the right accessories.

At Truck2Go, we take the utility and versatility of the pickup truck platform and enhance those qualities with tonneau covers catered to your specific profession, needs, and hobbies. Whether you’re a builder, hunter, farmer, fisherman, homeowner, or any combination of these things, Truck2Go’s tonneau covers will protect your tools & tackle from the elements while securing them against them misappropriation.

Over the years, Truck2Go has developed a comprehensive line of reliable and dependable tonneau covers which fit a variety of makes models, and years, offering complete protection as well as extensive customization potential. As truck people ourselves, we use our trucks and covers every day, and that’s why we’re able to back these products with expert advice, service, and an industry leading guarantee.

Truck2Go tonneau covers: Get the most out of your truck.