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Vivid Lumen

Canbus LED Decoder Headlights Antiflicker Modules 9005/9006/9012 (Pair)

Canbus LED Decoder Headlights Antiflicker Modules 9005/9006/9012 (Pair)

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The all new Vivid Lumen Canbus wiring harnesses are the perfect solution for a headlight upgrades on vehicles with finicky headlight systems. Say goodbye to bulb out warning lamps and flickering caused by can-bus systems.

Each canbus headlight harness has a built-in resistor pack to mimic the characteristics of a standard halogen bulb being plugged in to your stock harness, tricking the car into thinking nothing has changed - effectively avoiding the side effects of lamp out systems such as warning lights, flickering, or pulsing.

QUANTITY: 2x Vivid LED Canbus Decoders

  • WARRANTY: 2 Years
  • PLUG AND PLAY: 2x Selected Fitment
  • CANBUS CIRCUITS: Prevents lamp out Errors
  • ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS: 12-24V DC systems
  • SHELL MATERIAL: Extruded Aluminum
  • CANBUS SYSTEM: Most European and American vehicles (VW, Audi, Benz, Jeep, Dodge)
  • (2) LED Canbus Modules

Industry Leading Warranty
Vivid Lumen Industries provides an industry-leading warranty on all products for manufacturing defects or product failure.

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